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Nederman Filtac Oil Mist Filtration

Do you need a rock solid solution for high-efficiency air filtration in your metalworking operations? Nederman Filtac’s oil mist filters solve your problems by providing superior results even under the most challenging conditions in continuous operations. Experience how your productivity improves, as your machines are able to run at optimum speed, all while keeping your workers safe.

All the way, from dry to wet

Nederman Filtac oil mist solutions are the most efficient filtration solution for all kinds of airborne particles produced during metalworking operations. Able to handle everything from dry particulates and emissions from MQL processes (Semi dry/Medium wet) to the smallest oil smoke droplets, they are the smart choice for all modern machining workshops.

FibreDrain™ – performance you can rely on

Nederman Filtac oil mist filters feature a unique, specially treated fibre surface that allows the collected droplets to coalesce, grow in fibre intersections and finally drain by gravity out of the filter medium. This technology, called FibreDrain™ ensures superior efficiency even under the most challenging conditions in continuous operations.

The filters don’t absorb or get clogged by the oil. Instead, thanks to FibreDrain™, the air is thoroughly cleaned and a maximum of coolant can be retrieved and reused.

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Nederman Filtac Oil Mist Filtration

  • Unique, patent-pending FibreDrain™ technology ensures top performance in continuous operation
  • Exceptional fluid drainage capacity ensures maximum coolant retrieval and reduces coolant consumption
  • The FibreDrain design secures long filter life and thus low operating cost
  • Wide range of filter compositions to suit most applications
  • Bespoke modular systems for large centralized systems
  • Future-proof, can be adjusted to future parameters

Our Nederman Filtac oil mist collectors can be used for emulsion (oil mist), neat oil (oil smoke) and MQL applications.

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How it works

Nederman Filtac oil mist solutions collect oil mist and oil smoke at the source, i.e. directly at the metalworking machine, either enclosed or open. The oil-laden air is passed through the layers of compressed filter media at low velocity.

The airstream enters at the bottom of the filter unit and passes upward through the filter cartridges. The filter stack is progressive in filtration properties, which means that the smaller the particle, the further it will penetrate the filters in the air flow direction. The captured mist drains from the filter surface by gravity down in the sump of the collector.

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Need help choosing the right filtration solution? With more than 70 years of experience in extraction and filtration of various air contaminants, Nederman is the world leader in industrial air filtration. Our services cover everything from initial analysis and planning to installation, training and maintenance. We are able to provide flexible solutions, adapted to suit your particular processes and requirements and our dedicated experts can guide you to the best solution. Today, thousands of companies all over the world trust us to improve their operations. Let us improve yours.